What time of day is best to take mushroom supplements?

The best time to drink reishi is at night, after dinner, but close enough to bedtime that you know that those sacred compounds travel through your circulatory system as you go into a horizontal state. The consumption of mushroom extracts with food can significantly alter the rate and degree of absorption of triterpene glycosides. For this reason, it is not recommended to use powdered mushroom extracts mixed with food. For optimal absorption of low-bioavailable triterpenes, take mushroom supplements containing triterpenes on an empty stomach.

While there isn't a bad time, getting the most out of your mushroom supplement will depend on the mushroom species you choose and your intended goal. If you want to learn more about when to take mushroom supplements for maximum benefit, check out the Om Mushroom product pages. Not only does it taste great, but making mushroom coffee can help you establish a routine so that you're more likely to remember to drink mushroom extract every day. Lion's mane and reishi are two popular mushrooms for their health benefits against anxiety and restful sleep.

While cordyceps is one of the favorite mushrooms of athletes and reishi is the favorite for anxiety and anti-aging, lion's mane is the most popular mushroom for preventing memory loss. Mushroom extracts mixed with tannin-rich foods such as coffee, tea, and chocolate may not be absorbed as well as mushroom extract taken alone. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger, mint or honey are added to tea along with slices of reishi mushrooms and left to soak. Making reishi and chaga part of your nighttime tea ritual to rest and recover, for example, will help you remember when you should take mushroom supplements so that they become a regular part of your routine.

Lion's mane mushroom extract, and indeed all mushroom extracts, are generally safe for everyone with minimal (if any) negative side effects.

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