Is mushroom powder safe for kids?

The great advantage of using dry medicinal mushroom extracts in children is its versatility in terms of administration options. Powdered mushrooms are not sensitive to heat and can be added to foods, milk or formula with little effect on taste or texture, so compliance is high. Given the high incidence of infectious diseases, especially urinary tract infections, in young children who attend school, kindergarten or day care, chronic immune system support is an important therapeutic consideration; in the case of medicinal mushrooms, the dose can also be increased for more acute treatment in case of illness. The Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food supermushroom combines six organic mushroom superfoods: maitake, shiitake, reishi, cordyceps, chaga and lion's mane, all known to improve immune, antioxidant and cognitive health, as well as providing greater energy support.

But what about fungi for younger patients? There are few controlled trials in children because of the obvious limits surrounding ethics and consent, but anecdotal evidence from professionals using medicinal mushrooms in children shows some promising results.

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