Can i take multiple mushroom supplements at once?

A common question with functional mushrooms is whether different mushroom supplements can be “stacked” or not, that is. Take several types of mushrooms at the same time or as part of a combination supplement strategy. There aren't many necessarily dangerous results if you take more supplements than suggested, however, you may not get the benefits you're looking for. Always take the recommended dose that appears on the package for the best results.

You can safely take all 5 varieties of MediMushrooms. In this case, a smaller dose of each is sufficient, as they tend to increase the properties of each. Mushrooms, such as broccoli, are a functional food and can therefore be eaten on a daily basis. Our serving size is based on a healthy adult.

It's safe to take more or less than the suggested amount in consultation with your health professional. Dried mushrooms that are ground into powder and then put into capsules have become a very common way to take advantage of the benefits of functional mushrooms. The mushroom kingdom is very diverse; fungi that support the immune system, such as Reishi and turkey tail, are different genetically and morphologically from molds. If you want to start adding functional mushroom capsules to your ritual, Alchemi Mushrooms is here to help.

Mushrooms should never be taken instead of medications and you should always check with your doctor before taking functional mushrooms along with other prescriptions.

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